07 November 2007

Kid Secretion

My sunroom windows are filthy. They are covered in some sort of kid secretion. It looks like I have a friggin' Great Dane living in my house. The slime on these windows is so revolting, it's impressive. Why do two-year-olds feel the need to kiss and lick windows? Why can't they be normal kids, licking flag poles?


It's just... nasty. When I ran the Windex-soaked paper towel over the window, the dried scum was, in a word, chunky.


Garden snails leaving their slimy trails on leaves, male cats spraying on anything in their territory, and my two-year-old twins, slobbering and snotting on everything in sight.

Somebody hand me the Lysol and a Haz-Mat suit. This is going to take a while.


Creative-Type Dad said...

Whenever I see kids sludge on the windows, glasses, I always think of Gremlins reproducing.

Unknown said...

Now stop that. You're making me hungry.