08 November 2007

Leave the Kid, Take the Cannolis

So, we're at Ippolito's last night, celebrating the FIL's (a.k.a. Chuck) birthday. By the way, he turned 35 yesterday. Seriously! :-) Of course, we took the kids, who charmed the pants off everyone. Anyhoo, after our delectable meal of pasta and garlic rolls (garlic rolls that I would sell my soul for!), three of us received Ipp's special chocolate chip cannolis. Yum! Good and extremely sweet. As we packed up to leave, I noticed the couple behind us had also ordered the cannolis.

"You know, " I joked, "those are horrible! We'll take them off your hands so you don't have to deal with that nastiness."

They chuckled, replied "Suuuurrrreeee, right, whateva!" and it was a pleasant laugh. I figured I should joke with them because getting three kids ready to leave a restaurant can be traumatic, with much bumping of chairs, and I wanted to warm them up to us before we inadvertently caused bodily harm with flailing arms and car seats.

As we were walking out, the lady commented, pointing toward J-man, "If I had known about that little cutie when you offered to take our cannolis, I would have said sure and offered a trade!"

Now, I have no prejudice against those who are obese. I have family and friends who are or have been obese. To me, it's just a physical state of being and whether you choose to be that way or can't help it, whatever. That doesn't define who you are. But, when this woman said that, a woman who was definitely morbidly obese, the only reply my brain could dredge up was, "Trade the cannoli for the kid?!? Are you kidding?!? He's a baby, NOT FOOD!"

Thankfully my smart-ass filter kicked in before I uttered the above. I instead said, "He is a cutie at that!" and walked on. Whew!

Yes, the evil, twisted part of me is just below the surface. Fear it.

Hooking up with Not Afraid To Use It tonight at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum! Incriminating pictures to follow upon the 'morrow!

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Unknown said...

Fear it? Heck no. I LOVE it!!