27 December 2007

Bling Kicks Ass!

Cyndi over at Military Mom is a cool chick. No, literally, she's a cool chick. She lives up in South Dakota - poor woman is an icicle.

Actually, she is a neat lady and she has graced me with a beautiful piece of bling... wanna see?

Awwwww, she thinks my blog is a treasure and this is what she had to say about my humble blog-bode:

What a funny chick! She always makes me laugh, and I am in awe of her because she is the only one of us I think has actually met other bloggers. And lived to tell about it. Also, she is a fellow Atlanta girl. Oh, and she and she put a picture of a penis bracelet on her blog (see 10 Dec Post). What more could you want, I ask you? You deserve this, because I wouldn't know what to do with myself at lunch everyday without your blog to read.

I. Am. Extremely. Humble.

When I started writing this crazy thing, I figured 'Kay. Teri will read it. Fang will read it. Ty-man and Mom will read it. Even the FIL Chuck will give it a go. That's about it.

Now, I have friends in South Dakota, Tennessee, Nevada, California, Oregon, several in Florida, and people in Europe, Singapore, and Australia finding my humble little corner.

I'm lucky, blessed, and loving every minute of this crazy blogging thing. Thanks so much, Cyndi, for giving me a wonderful blog present for Christmas!

Now, in the true spirit of blogging awards, I pass this award on to Charlie of Charlie Is My Name. Charlie is an 8-year-old boy with autism who blogs whatever is on his mind. He seems to be a huge Stargate Atlantis fan and his mom helps him with the typing of his blog - a blog that has helped immensely with his development. Check him out and leave him a comment or two. It will make his day!

I also pass this along to Ms. Not Afraid To Use It. Michelle is kick. ass. And I'm going to someday convince her to adopt me because her cooking sounds dee-licious!

And, finally, I pass this along to Andrea over at Mom to the Fey. I'm so proud of her for announcing to the blogosphere that she's Wiccan. You go, girl!

Fab, I would pass this along to you, but I know you detest such frippery. But, if you want it, it's yours! You know I lurv you!

OK, OK, enough. This is just getting too syrupy sweet. Back to work people!


Mom said...

I will pass it along to Charlie, he loves his special treasure chest, so I am sure he will love this too!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Awwww! What a nice thing to get in my inbox today! A thousand thanks--and you know I will cook for you anytime!! Too bad you aren't here for New Years--we are going to THROW DOWN with a mad cooking party! Can we say homemade lumpia, homemade sushi, and I will be making my famous kalmata and cream cheese dip! I can feel the fat on my ass already! LOL

The Ferryman said...

...she is the only one of us I think has actually met other bloggers. And lived to tell about it...

Is she insinuating that I have killed other bloggers? What does she know?

It looks like a three day drive from here to North Dakota...

Unknown said...

How is it you manage to make my day go a hundred times better when you didn't even know I was having a bad day!

Thank you so much! I'll be back in Bloggerland tomorrow.

Hehehe... I got bling! hehehehe

Military Mom said...

Thanks for the nice words, Heather! And I didn't mean that Mr. Fab was a stalker in disguise, just that, well you never know. Please warn him that I am heavily guarded up here in North Dakota, AND I can shoot damn near expert with an M-16! Hehehe! I started reading his blog recently, and he is a funny guy. Thanks for leading me to so many great blogs. Mom to the Fey is cool too. Have a Happy New Year Heather!