17 December 2007

Post 100

Today is a milestone. Today is my 100th post. Wow. I had no idea I would make it this far. I have to admit that when I began this venture back on August 13th, I didn't know if I'd stick with it. I was horrible about keeping a diary or a journal as a youth. Hell, I've tried numerous times to begin a mother's journal for the kids to read someday when they're older, but I just fail miserably after a few days. I suppose this blog is my contribution to the ages. I feel sorry for the alien race who discovers this planet long after we're all gone. They discover a Google server and all they can pull off it is this blog. Sorry humanity - we're f**ked!

Anyhoo. The picture above is of my girlfriend, ho, bee-otch Teri, hanging with me during Thanksgiving two years ago. Teri is being honored in my 100th post because she has been reading this blog since the beginning. She left my very first comment and is a loyal reader. She'll call me from work, snorting with laughter because of something I've written or she'll just say "Bee-otch! What are you thinking?" and I can tell she's shaking her head.

Teri is a total pistol, she bleeds blue and orange Florida Gator blood, she was (and will be someday soon) the best dog mom, and she's a wonderful friend. She's the sister I never had and the sister my mother is probably happy about not birthing because, oh, the trouble we could have caused had we grown up together!

I first met Teri in February, 1998. She came to work at ExecuTrain as a fellow technical writer and office mate. She met me shortly after the death of my father and just before the death of my uncle, a short two week time period that was a whirlwind for me. She became my great friend during the darkest period in my life. During this time, I was at my bitchiest, saddest, and I found myself extremely unhappy. Somehow, she saw something good and we became fast friends. We both love the color purple, Harley Davidson motorcycles, horror movies, snorting when we laugh, and making fun of her freaky ex. Hey, we all need hobbies.

So this post, Teri, is dedicated to you. Thanks for being there for me. Thanks for reading and making me laugh. Thanks for being my friend! Love you, man! Sniff, sniff, wipe away tear. Aw, f**k it! Pass me a beer, bee-otch!
And, also in honor of the 100th post, I did a Google image search for 100. I give you the Messier 100 spiral galaxy.


Unknown said...

Awwww. Sniff. Sniff. That was the nicest thing anyone has ever (and probably will ever) thought/written about me. I love you, bee-otch.

(braaaaap, snort)

And should I thank you for not using one of the pictures of me trying on the kids' costumes?

The Ferryman said...

Wow...she seems pretty cool. What is she doing hanging around with you? :)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Congrats woman!! That is a great accomplishment!! I am looking forward to the next 100!

Avitable said...

100 already? That's impressive!

Military Mom said...

Don't think this is wierd, but did you go to Redan high school in Stone Mountain? You look so familiar to me. I grew up around Atlanta. What part of Atlanta are you in?

Unknown said...

Congrats on reaching your 100th post! I'm glad you kept going...

And Teri sounds pretty cool! I bet the pics of her trying on the kids' costumes would have been hilarious! :)

Unknown said...

Wow! That blond babe sure is cuuuute!!!!

; )

PS -- congrats on your 100th post -- I believe you are certifiable, as a blog geek, that is.