16 December 2007

Blog Talk Radio with Fab!

You all remember this guy, don't you? He's Mr. Fabulous of Pointless Drivel (and, according to him, large penis) fame! Well, tonight, I'm co-hosting his Blog Talk Radio show, Pointless Drivel Live (such an original name)! We'll be on from 7PM to 8PM EST, talking about global warming, our need for more Al Gore in the environment and Internet, and... oh, whatever. We're probably going to be talking about random, stupid crap, like...

My years as a band geek.
Fab's many stalkers.
Fab making fun of my running.
Me making fun of Fab in the mouse ears.

And so it will go. Click here to listen to tonight's show, listen to archived shows, rate the show, tell Fab and I how wonderful we were once the show's over, or let Fab know that if he ever has me on his show again, you will protest said action on the White House steps! We'll be rambling for the first half hour (during which time you can chat with other listeners in the chat room) and at 7:30, we'll open up the show for anyone who wishes to call in (or, you can continue to chat and completely ignore us).

Hope you check it out and enjoy!


The Ferryman said...

What the hell? "We'll do this and then we'll do this, and you can do this..." Who is the damn host here?

That wasn't rhetorical. I am, right? Sometimes I forget.

Poppy said...

Awesome show, Heather. I IM'd Fab but he ignored me. Apparently I have fallen out of his favor and you have taken his place. I am not surprised, Ms. "2nd season, 1st episode!!" *giggle*

KellytheCulinarian said...

I love the header you have right now. Did you change the colors?

Unknown said...

Son of a #@&$%!!!!! I KNEW I should have asked you to call and remind me before the show. What with my busy social life and all (i.e. drinking beer alone and watching American Gothic on Chiller) I totally forgot. BAD friend. :-( I'll go and listen as soon as I can.