06 January 2008

My Mind is the Sahara

So, I still got nothin'. The creative juices have been rather dry here at CofaCMG. Sleep has been elusive as of late and when I'm not sleeping I'm typically thinking of, well, sleep.

What's been going on over the weekend?

  • Lunch with friends. Four adults, six kids. You do the math.
  • Dinner and coffee with Super-Mom Kristi (faster than a speeding toddler, able to leap tall stacks of toys in a single bound, and still look as trim and fit as she did before birthing three kids, she's Super-Mom!).
  • A trip to urgent care with Bubba for an ear infection. Two trips to urgent care, due to holidays and weekends, in five days. I think I'm going to get a job there.
  • Lunch with Ty-man's brother and family. Quiet, soothing, filet mignon, gift exchange, all good.
  • The taking down of Christmas decorations. Yes, it's January 6th and the decor is just now being removed. It's Epiphany. Not sure what I'm talking about? Look here.
  • An attempt at a video log for CofaCMG - the video is cute (me and Ty-man debating Star Wars) but getting it here is difficult because Leopard fried iMovie. Le sigh.
  • Watching The Nanny Diaries and realizing, yet again, another of my favorite books has been ruined by the Hollyweird machine.
Wow, I've turned into quite the Debbie Downer.

OK, here are two uppers for you (and me). Since today is Epiphany, I leave you with these two adorable Christmas photos of Bubba, Miss-Miss, and J-man. I hope to be back on my game tomorrow!


B said...

You think you're behind for just taking down the Christmas decor on the 6th of Jan? I once left it up until sometime in February. Had not had time to take my kids to get their pics done for Christmas, so I dressed them up in their Christmas dresses and fixed their hair, sat them in front of the still-up-in-February tree, and took their pics myself, then proudly put the pics in their scrapbooks, just like it was still December!
By the way, the kiddos are way cute!

The Ferryman said...

Would you ever consider selling one or more of your children?

Unknown said...

I once had an epiphany. Hurt like a b*tch.

Miss Britt said...

OMG the curls.... /swoon

Unknown said...

Aw! Your kids are such cuties! Sorry Bubba has and ear infection... Not fun.

The hubby and I joke about having an epiphany on Epiphany last year. She weighed 7 lbs and 7 oz, and to borrow Teri's words - it hurt like a b*tch. :) It was well worth it, though.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

In Sweden, January 6th IS the day you take down the tree. Like, the ENTIRE country takes down their tree on Epiphany. And, it is a bank holiday, so everyone is off. So, you actually did it precisely ons schedule! LOL