23 March 2008

Happy Spring Renewal/Fertility Day!

GAD! I love all these Christian holidays that are based on pagan celebrations. Especially Easter, with quickly-multiplying bunnies as the perfect symbol of fertility, eggs (for Pete's sake), and candy.

Wait. Candy?

Wow. That's right. Cadbury eggs. Jelly beans. Chocolate bunnies. Reese's peanut butter eggs. And... and....

OK. So Easter's pretty cool after all.

Enjoy the following sweet video. Perfect considering the holiday.

Hoppy Easter!

Writer's note: Ty-man watched the above video and said, "That pit bull is just giving those chicks a taste before he eats them."



Not Afraid to Use It said...

I hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of yummy chocolate before your HOA runs him out of the neighborhood.

RiverPoet said...

Enjoy the candy today!

The video reminds me of how my ruff-n-tuff little bulldog guy gently kisses my daughter's little Siamese kitty. Completely out of character.


Peace - D

B'zPlace said...

I have a rabbit, only I wouldn't consider him to be the Easter Bunny. Instead of bringing me candy, all I got from him this morning was a pile of poop! lol Hope your Easter is fun and hope you get lots of candy, too.
:) Brenda

The Ferryman said...

I already ate my chocolate bunny today. Now there isn't any left. And I am sad.

Anonymous said...

OK, you keep popping up at all my favorite blogs so I thought I'd better come over here and see what all the fuss is about. Glad I did. Happy Easter to you, too. (And I'm pretty sure I'm with Ty-man on this one.)

HEATHER said...

Happy Easter to you and yours!
That is so cute! I don't think he eats those chick because she has posted more twelve more videos of him with them. He must think he is their daddy. The roost on his back even. It is the cutest thing!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

NATUI - Seriously? He's probably scrunched up in a cat trap somewhere, waiting for a ride to the pound. Fuckers.

Momma - I know. Aren't these puppies just the sweetest things?

BJ - HA! That's awesome. :-)

Fab - That is sad. I tore through my Cadbury egg and sniffed when it was all done. Now? I'm ridin' the sugar rush!

Maggie, Dammit - Oh, Lord. I wondered why my ears were burning. Now I know. Glad you came by (rather than ran away screaming).

Other Heather - You too, hon! I've also seen the one where the chicks are sleeping on his back. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm all about the mini eggs. Mmm...mini eggs...

Gypsy said...

We cleaned and ate chocolate. It was spiritual.

Unknown said...

Awwww. Look at that sweet puppy. Vicious killer my a$$. I must go find the other videos!!

Oh, and happy belated whatever spring holiday you celebrate!!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Cheeze Whiz - Woman, you need to just shut up now.

Gypsy - The chocolate consumption sounds spiritual. The cleaning? Not so much.

Teri - I know! Sweet baby pit bull!