04 April 2008

I'm Turning in My Twin-Mom Card

A while back, a loooooooong while back, I lamented about the stupid questions people ask when they see you are the parent of twins.

Are they identical?
How far apart were they?
Did you have them vaginally?
Are they artificial?

Well, after a recent pediatrician visit, I'm turning in my twin-mom card. There I sat with Bubba and Miss-Miss who were quietly playing. I could tell the mother sitting near us was watching them with interest. She finally asks, "Are they twins?" And I answer, "Yes. Double-Trouble!"

Oh. My. God.

I said Double-Trouble? Out loud? In a perky voice? When that's what all the curious strangers say to me? And it drives me crazy?

Someone, I beg you. Cut up my North Metro Mothers of Multiples membership card. Then? Just smack me, please. I'm so embarrassed.


.:| Melissa.Mizladytaz |:. said...


My boys weren't twins, but I was asked if they were ALL the time! I was asked SO much, that I actually considered putting up a neon sign that said: NO! THEY ARE NOT TWINS! every time we went in public!

Drove me crazy! I've never thought they looked THAT much alike, UNLESS they were out of my "clear" vision. In which case, I learned to make sure they weren't dressed alike in ANY manner! LOL

They are 12 mos. and 2 wks. apart. By the time my oldest was 2-1/2 and younger one was 1-1/2, they were about the same size, which is when all the twin askin began.

I often thought (and still think, really) that it would have been MUCH easier IF they were twins! (At least when they were real little!) Of course, lil bro just HAD to keep up with and do all that big bro could do!

I had the first one at 18 and the second one at 19. Somehow. I made it through. Somehow.

Unknown said...

I think maybe...perhaps...just quite possibly...you should also be embarrassed that you're a card carrying member of the North Metro Mothers of Multiples Club. ;-)

Gypsy said...

How could you??