03 April 2008

Top Ten Signs You're a Lapsed Scuba Diver

10) You look at your kids and wonder if you could get enough money for them to pay for a South Pacific dive trip.

9) You fantasize about diving in Lake Lanier, Georgia. Wow! I love collecting beer cans, fishing line, and dead bodies!

8) You start wearing your old dive t-shirts every day. Even on date nights!

7) Instead of telling people you're tired, you just say, "I'm narced!"

6) You read and re-read your dive magazines until the pictures are worn off.

5) You get aroused looking at dry suit ads.

4) The news talks about a Hollywood personality getting arrested for a DUI and you wonder, "Why would somebody get arrested for buying a dry suit?"

3) Sea Hunt re-runs just aren't doing it for you anymore.

2) You stand in your driveway, fully geared up, whenever it rains.

1) You rent an air tank just stay underwater in your bathtub.


Lori said...

Loved this one! I have another to add.
"If you offer to scrub the steps of your dad's swimming pool because it means you get to get your gear on and pretend you're in Hanauma Bay, Hawaii."

Avitable said...

I don't understand the whole diving thing. Seems like it would feel very claustrophobic.