26 May 2008

100 Things - What I Hate

Dude, you're still here? Still with me? Hanging in there? We're taking a break tomorrow. I promise. It's now time for...

10 Things I Hate!

1. I hate people with no common sense. It really drives me bonkers to see people not using their brains. Seriously. Wear your damned seat belts. Triple-check the presence or lack of your passport. Follow directions. If management says no, they mean no, not no for everyone else but yes for you. Just, everything. Use common fucking sense, people. Please.

2. I hate over-reaction. This 6-year-old hugged a little girl in his kindergarten class. Suspension for sexual harassment! That 13-year-old brought a butter knife in his backpack. Expulsion! And that high school chick? Over there? She's got Tylenol in her purse for her cramps. More suspension! O.M.F.G. Are you shitting me? This is why I'm considering homeschooling my kids.

3. I hate the Jesus talk. My father had just died one week before when my sorority sisters dragged me to a meeting to get me out of the house. It was a scrapbook party. The saleslady took it upon herself to give me "The Jesus Talk." Seriously? Leave me alone. I know "The Jesus Talk" backwards and forwards. I know the pros and cons of accepting Christ as my Savior. I don't need to have it shoved down my throat. Kthnxbi!

4. I hate parents who force their kids to their lifestyles. Those little kids? At Macy's? At 9PM? Screaming their heads off? Yeah, they're sleepy! They should have been in bed for at least an hour. Quit yelling at them! Get your asses out of that store, get them home, and get them to bed. You need to run your errands and live your life around them until they are older and more tolerant of your hours. Dude.

5. I hate parents who take their kids to the movies. This is actually a sub-set of number four, but deserves its own number because of those idiot parents who take their babies/toddlers to rated R movies. They can't afford sitters so instead of staying home, they drag their kids, in their PJs, to the latest horror movie. Those people need to have their parental cards revoked.

6. I hate hate. Hate for hate's sake gets me every time. Notice how the haters are the uneducated who have never traveled far from home? They don't care to pull themselves up by their bootstraps because it's easier to stay at home and stew in their hate of minorities/women/homosexuals/you/me/everybody. This is where Darwinism needs to take over.

7. I hate suffering. I look at the aftermaths of Katrina, Myanmar's cyclone, Thailand's tsunami, China's earthquake, and so many others and I feel so damned helpless and ineffective. All I can do is watch those images, hug my kids and husband, and I hope I never live through such suffering.

8. I hate sick kids. Honestly. They don't understand. They're fussy. They're whiny. They won't eat or take their medicine. Ugh.

9. I hate people who say one thing and do another. I remember leaving my favorite job because a fellow co-worker (female) accused me of flirting with her husband (our vice-president) when she was known as the company's biggest flirt. Yeah. That was the straw that broke the CMG's back with this particular hate. Walk the walk, people. That's all I ask.

10. I hate seeing children hurt, physically or emotionally. Since becoming a parent, I can't stand to see children in the news or on fictional TV shows/movies who have been killed, injured, or taken from their parents. It is physically difficult for me to see that and I typically change the channel or leave the room.

Wow. I'm surprised you stuck with it. Tomorrow we take a break from me and talk about me and the Ty-man. But the next day? We'll go over the ten things I love!


The Ferryman said...

I just want to make some kind of list somewhere...

Not Afraid to Use It said...

The common sense thing kills me. I hear ya loud and clear, sista. Hope that well-deserved vacation is paradise.

Avitable said...

I'm anal retentive about being prepared for things, but I tend to lack common sense when it comes to thinking things through. And now I know you hate me! *sob*

And, by the way, I never pay attention to management. They NEVER mean me!

Willie G said...

I love that you hate "hate"! It's such a powerful and wasted emotion really if not totally channeled. I'm new to your blog. Have subscribed just recently.