29 May 2008

100 Things - What I Love

So, after those brief commercial breaks, we're back to the updating of my 100 Things list. Today? It's all about:

10 Things I Love!

1. I love my children. I never thought I could love three people as much as I love my children. It's just indescribable, the deep, primal, touch my child and I will rip you into a million pieces love I have for those little guys!

2. I love my Ty-man. Certainly not a touch him, you die type of love that I have for the kids. More of a Lemme rip them clothes off now! sort of primal love. Yep, that's it!

3. I love being underwater. On land, we're limited to two dimensions. We move forward, back, left, right. We never look up or down or even move in those directions. Underwater? I'm weightless. Literally and figuratively. It's the calmest, happiest place for me to be.

4. I love cuddling with my kids. When one or more of them puts their little arms around me, pats me on the back, says I love you Mama, and just stays there. Oh, wow. Indescribable ecstasy.

5. I love rainy days. It doesn't rain often enough in Georgia and on those days that the rain comes, I'm so content. I constantly check the weather and when I see that rainy days are forecast, I get giddy!

6. I love chocolate. All forms. All kinds. Doesn't matter. I don't discriminate.

7. I love my MacBook. It's my escape and my link to the outside world. Apple rules!

8. I love my morning coffee. I will knock over anyone who gets in my way of my morning coffee.

9. I love TV. Oh, god. I'm such a child of the television generation. I TiVo so many friggin' TV shows that it's obscene.

10. I love hanging out with my mom. She knows me better than anyone on this Earth. We have great times together!

Well, that was pretty easy, and quick. Thanks, guys, for hanging in there through all this and hope you're ready for a bunch more! Tomorrow? Ten things I've done to make money.


RiverPoet said...

Aw! These are sweet! All except for the rainy days one. How anyone can love rainy days is beyond me! I thought I was going to die of sun deprivation in Seattle. Very depressing.

Now, a good thunderstorm? That's different. Love those....

Peace - D

Anonymous said...

WTF? Excuse me?


Oh sorry, must be my sleep deprived mind.. I thought #3 said "I love being underwear"

I'll take a nap now.. Forget I said anything...

Unknown said...

Aw. Fab isn't one of the things you love either. Is he one of the 10 things you've done for money? ;-)

Avitable said...

Underwater is kind of like space for you, isn't it?

Willie G said...

I am totally with you on the greatness of Apple. Macbook, iPhone, iPod, etc... Apple is slowly taking over my world. Still have a desktop PC that I am watching die a slow miserable death. Will promptly purchase an additional Mac as soon as it has buried itself and gone to virus hell.

Gypsy said...

Know what I love? Your blog. :)

Ok, Where Was I? said...

I thought it said "underwear" too, and so thought something like, "I love being in underwear." Odd, but says something unique about you.

Fun list.

Donna said...

oh, I love rainy days. my hubz and I made out for the first time on a rainy day - for hours. rainy days are such good mood inducers.