20 May 2008

Comfort Levels

You know me. I'm all about the blog theft. If someone else's blog can give me a writing idea, I'm all for it. Inspire me, fellow bloggers!

Gypsy is an amazing writer. Each day she astounds me and I think If ever I become famous, this woman will write my biography. Seriously. So, I tuned into her blog last week and found this gem. I will attempt to do the same here.

As we get older we figure out our likes and dislikes, our places of comfort and happiness. Whenever we take Bubba and Miss-Miss somewhere new, to the aquarium, the playground, a new restaurant, they are excited at the prospect of an adventure, but they ultimately ask, "Can we go home?" Their sense of self and of comfort is at home, within our four walls with eight-year-old carpeting and purple walls. That is where they are happy.

Where do I feel happy and at peace?

At home

On my in-law's property, sitting on the rocks at the first waterfall of Canada Creek.

In my Tempur-Pedic bed, on my right side, reading a book

Anywhere in the town of Lewisburg, West Virginia (my grandparents' home)

On the beach

Under water

In a scuba diving shop

Amongst the Appalachian Mountains.

Deep inside a cave

At a cool, crisp, autumn high school football game

In a book store

At DragonCon

Whenever I take the kids to the pediatrician, much crying ensues. They know that coming soon is an uncomfortable examination, followed by a vaccination. It's enough to stress anyone. These are the places that make me uncomfortable and wish I was elsewhere:

Inside dressing rooms, trying on clothes

In church, during a service - any church

Eating at fancy restaurants

In a courthouse

At any social situation with many strangers

Being a part of heated political/religious discussions

Driving over tall bridges

Being beside or inside cruise ships (too big)

At the Humane society/pound (all those animals that I can't take home)

Inside hospitals, specifically the oncology section

So tell me, dear readers, what places or situations make you comfortable and/or uncomfortable? Where is your place of peace?


RiverPoet said...

Suffering from writer's block myself, I used this on my blog today.

Before absorbing yours, I ran over and did mine (so I wouldn't be influenced). We had some cross-over, which doesn't surprise me a bit. These squirms of yours are quite similar to mine:

- In a courthouse

- At any social situation with many strangers

- Being a part of heated political/religious discussions (Though I didn't write this one down, YES, I so agree with you...)

Check it out - Peace - D

Miss Britt said...

I would very much like to steal this.

Tit for tat and all that. ;-)

Donna said...

Hmm, we have a bit in common - 'cept the grandparents from WV, I don't have any of those.

The Ferryman said...

I am disappointed that "hanging with Fab" didn't make either list.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Glad your discomfort level didn't mention "doctor's offices with friend's feet in stirrups." I feel very relieved.

Gypsy said...

Me? Me, me, me, me, me!?!? You made my day. Seriously.

"At the Humane society/pound (all those animals that I can't take home)"

Oh god, yes. All those poor little critters.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

I love blog theft and will do this one too sometime.

My kids also love to be at home--and I'm grateful for that! They never ask to go anywhere.

I hate bridges. There was one in particular on the way to the beach when I lived in Florida that looked like it just kept going up and up. I always thought I would suddenly lose control of my car and fly off the very top.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Momma - Good for you, hon! I don't know why courthouses make me itchy. Maybe because I just feel perpetually guilty and they'll sense that and arrest me for the hell of it.

Britt - Steal away, babe! :-)

Donna - Be glad of that. WV grandparents can be weird. And stern.

Fab - Hanging with you is beyond description, sweetie. That's why I couldn't include it! :-)

NATUI - HA! You know that day is going to be such blog fodder for both of us! :-)

Gypsy - Yes, hon. You. :-)

OK, Where Was I? - Thief away, my sweet! And that bridge? Sounds like it was torture. Ick.