30 July 2008

How Not to Hook Up With a Blogger Buddy

So, I'm hanging out on Twitter last Friday and what do I see but an entry from Miss Britt:

so apparently I'm driving 10+ hrs to Nashville tomorrow. Oh! Hi! Surprise! (holyshit i have alot of laundry to do in the next 16hrs) Panic.

What I saw was Nashville. Yeah. Britt? Lives in the Orlando area. To go from Orlando to Nashville, Britt and her family traveled this route:

Which meant she would pass within a few miles of Casa de CMG. So, of course I demanded that we meet for lunch 'cause dang it, if you're coming within five miles of my house, we're hooking up! She agreed (because you know, I'm pitiful when I whine and beg) and on Sunday, on her way back from dropping off her kids with their grandparents, Ty-man and I got together with her and her husband Jared for some exciting lunchtime craziness at Cracker Barrel. On a Sunday. With three kids in tow. I'm such a masochist.

This particular Cracker Barrel is just off of exit 271 (when speaking of I-75 in Georgia). So I told Britt on Sunday morning to call us when she and Jared had reached mile marker 290. Nineteen miles would give us plenty of time to load up three kids and 15 pounds of crap* into the minivan.

At about 10:45AM, I get a text message from Britt that they're stuck at mile marker 300 in stand-still traffic. Crap. That's the never-ending construction on I-75 south. Nothing new. So, I text her back that we can always meet at the Cracker Barrel off of exit 290, quicker for her but not-so-quick for us. But in order to beat the Baptist lunch crowd and fight construction, this will probably be our only option.

No response. I call and leave a message. No response. I see that she's on Twitter wondering if I've received her texts. I go upstairs to dry my hair and suddenly, there's Ty-man behind me shouting over the hair dryer, "They're at mile marker 280!"

Holy crap! Only nine miles! Load up the kids! Put on their shoes! Change J-man's diaper! I'll be there in a minute, 'cause I'll be damned if I let her see me with wet hair!

It was like Keystone Cops in this house. Ty-man and the twins are in the minivan with seatbelts flying. I'm changing J-man's diaper while simultaneously putting on my shoes and brushing my hair. I'm racing downstairs grabbing the 15 pounds of crap (thankfully packed up earlier) and my cute little purse with J-man precariously hanging off my shoulder. He gets chucked into a seat, Ty-man throws himself into the driver seat, and I'm racing around for lipstick.

Finally we pull out of the driveway and are at the Cracker Barrel in under ten minutes (just enough time to apply said lipstick, check my hair, and chew up two mints). As we wade through the Sunday crowds, we see Britt and Jared walk over. They had thankfully put in our party of seven (SEVEN!!!!) and within moments we had a table (which took ten minutes to get to because of all the God-fearing church-goers who had invaded the restaurant).

As we shouted over the din and juggled conversation, catching up, and feeding kids (not to mention a fussy Bubba who decided the mens' room was too terrifying to pee in), it was all over in just an hour. We said our good-byes and wished Britt and Jared luck as they traveled toward home and three weeks without kids, thankful we got this quick chance to see one another.

And wouldn't you know it? None of us took any pictures. At all. But that's OK. I don't need a picture to remember beautiful, fresh-faced Britt sitting next to me and watching my kids, missing her own.

They'll be back before you know it, doll, and thanks for the hook-up! Nice meeting you Jared!

*(Definition of crap in relation to this post: diapers, Desitin, wipes, potty seat, Clorox wipes, pull-ups, 1 place mat, 3 sippy cups, 1 container of Cheerios, 4 books, and 3 toys. I'm nothing if not pre-friggin'-pared.)


Ok, Where Was I? said...

I was getting nervous by the end that you were going to miss each other.

I drove through Georgia many times from FL to IL and thought I'd never be able to live in FL long term for the simple fact that it was on the other side of GA. That 75 drive can give anyone road rage. I'm getting it now just thinking about it!

Lori said...

OK -
I am seriously considering trying to get all my blogger buddies to converge on Vegas for a mini-blogger-con.
Dollar drinks a plenty - and goofy friends to meet in person... what more could we ask for?
It's not Britt-Con but it could be loads of fun, right?
Seriously pondering ... you'll be the first to know. :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like us getting ready to go somewhere, but I don't have kids!

Donna said...

I've been reading her blog and she seems pretty cool, glad you got to hook up.

Oh, and the diaper bag crap? so been there. If I know we're going some where I try to pack most of it ahead of time. I just hate it when we make last minute decisions.

Avitable said...

So do you just gravitate towards Cracker Barrels or what?

Miss Britt said...

Heh. Sorry about that. My stupid phone was less than reliable on the road.

It was so good to see you all again and see those gorgeous babies of yours! Next time we'll have to get together where you can actually hear Jared talk. LOL

Expat No. 3699 said...

Glad you were able to hook up, if even for only an hour.

Note: Put camera in diaper bag!

Gypsy said...

What fun! I kind of love Cracker Barrel but only go when traveling.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

So glad that you guys were able to hook up! Love the remark about the church goers. No shit, man. And I so do not miss all that construction work on I-75. Good lord, will they ever be done?

Molly's Mom said...

How fun! I'll have to remember that if we decide to drive down to Orlando next spring break ;)

*Sigh* No one ever comes to Michigan for vacation other than the FIPs (with apologies to ok, where was i?). Oh well.

Liz Hill said...

LOL@ Adam's comment.

That One said...

I'm with Molly's Mom...you ever come to Michigan and we'll have a get-together!

My word verification is vwihlkt.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

OK, Where Was I? - Oh, the drive through Georgia is quite murderous. I agree!

Lori - Have you heard of TequilaCon? It's an event that's been happening for a few years now and it's an opportunity for bloggers to gather. It was in Philly this year and there's talk of it going to Vegas for 2009. Woo hoo!

Miss Night Owl - HA!

Donna - I'll be so glad when the diaper bag becomes a book bag. That will make me so happy!

Avitable - Hey, they're always near the interstate. :)

Britt - No problem! It was awesome getting together and we will have to get to a quieter spot! :)

Employee No. 3699 - Oh, I had my iPhone, it just never made it out of the bag!

Gypsy - Same here. That or meeting up with people who are passing through.

NATUI - Those Southern Baptists can get evil about their Sunday lunch! Get outta their way, baby! They've been sitting through some long sermons and the blood sugar is LOW!

Molly's Mom - Hey, we'll definitely get together!

Turnbaby - Hey, you better believe if I make it up there to KY, I'll be hooking up with you two at the local CB! :)

Tuli - I need to make it to Michigan. Haven't been to that state and I'd like to make it to the 15 I haven't been to someday!