21 October 2008

Not Here Today

I'm not here today. I'm over at Avitable's joint. He was in St. Croix with no Internet access (read: Adam Heath's personal circle of Hell). Now? I think he's home. And recovering. Instead of pre-writing his own posts (lazy-ass pussy) he solicited several of us spineless wimps to write for him. Solicited meaning he e-mailed incriminating stick figure drawings of each of us. Mine is there to the left. So, I have paid him back in kind with pictures of my own.

Want to see them? Then get there. Fast. Before Al Gore, Creator of the Internet, has them removed.


sybil law said...

Best. Guest. Post. EVAH.

Dave2 said...

Oh sure... tease me in your feed reader with a cartoon of you topless, making me think that the real you on your blog would also be topless! Oh well. I'm sure I'll get over it eventually.

Avitable said...

Yeah, I'm lazy and enjoying recovering from my vacation without blogging. Thanks for the guest post!

Bucky said...

That picture looks just like you. :)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Sybil Law - Thanks, hon!

Dave2 - You will. And trust me, there's nothing you want to see. SCARY!

Avitable - You're welcome!

Bucky - I know! Isn't it scary?