18 February 2009

Recipe for Relaxation

Take a ½ cup of magic:

A full cup of sequins:

One cousin:

A couple of bloggers:

Add a dash of green food coloring:

A pinch of dragon fire:

And don’t forget 6 million gallons of water:

And some pureed Mickey pumpkin:

Stir vigorously:

And you have two very happy, relaxed people, ready to jump back into the real world.


Molly's Mom said...

We're there now! Epcot today...
Was it super busy for you? Monday was CRAZY.

sybil law said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun!!!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Glad you had fun, but I'm glad to have you back! I am sure some of your readers will be relieved at your G-rated trip. ;)

Avitable said...

It was great seeing the two of you again!

Dave2 said...

It's The Incredible Hulk Coaster! That's my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I wanna go back...NOW!!

I'm glad you had a good break.

gudnuff said...

No way! You did Dive Quest???!! Oooh, that is so cool!

You gonna post about it? Is it worth getting certified in SCUBA just to be eligible for this?

If you ever get the chance to go to Disney ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, you totally should. There is nothing better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yea!!

So great you were able to relax :)

Anonymous said...

Before I die I just HAVE to go see that place.

Glad you had such a relaxing time!!

Michael from dadcation.com said...

Awesome! I'm sure Disney with Avitable and Miss Britt was the bomb. Of course, Disney with Janet Reno would still be fun...sorta.

Anonymous said...

Glad y'all had a good time! Welcome back.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Molly's Mom - Awesome! Friday @ MK wasn't too bad. Saturday @ Universal was crazy and Sunday @ Epcot was rather busy. Typical holiday weekend! Have fun!

Sybil Law - Thanks, man!

NATUI - Hee hee! Had to leave out the NC-17 parts...

Avitable - Ditto, hon!

Dave2 - And now my fave as well. Have you been on the Superman coaster at Six Flags? Pretty fucking awesome, too.

MetalMom - Thanks!

Gudnuff - Dive Quest is much fun, but don't get certified just for that. Get certified to dive in Bonaire! Now, that's a reason for diving!

MommyCosm - Thanks, hon!

Giggle Pixie - You do, darlin'!

Father Muskrat - HA! Janet Reno. Um, I'm going to vote no. :)

A Free Man - Thanks, darlin'!

That One said...

In all my life I never would've picked Disney as a vacation destination for adults. But after your post, you've got me thinking! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. But like NATUI said, I'm glad to have you back!

Gypsy said...

Looks like a very fun time. :)

Jud said...

I do love the Magic Kingdom.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Jonh Hayen - Um, thanks?

Tuli - Dude. You have to go! It's awesome and makes you feel like a kid!

Gypsy - It was!

Jud - Great minds, dear sir. Great minds. :)