12 March 2009

Watching Ghost Hunters

My fellow ghost-nerds and I gather every Wednesday to watch/critique/break-down Dave Tango's EVP questions or Steve's pranks on Tango or Jason's thermal camera skills.

Last night, there was no watching. There was only talking. About pet names.

I mentioned to my friends The Bloggess and how she wanted to name her dog MyVagina so she could hear her male vet say Someone hook up an IV to MyVagina, among other things.

Here's what we had to add to that:

I think I'm going to get MyVagina declawed.

MyVagina likes to play with balls!

MyVagina buries bones in the backyard.

MyVagina hacks up hairballs all the time!

MyVagina bit me!

Watch out! MyVagina has sharp teeth.

MyVagina is here for a grooming.

And on. And on. And on. The TAPS team remained unscathed. The mythical cat MyVagina, it turns out, likes to meow. A lot!

Many thanks, Jenny, for our highly-entertaining conversation.


Faiqa said...

I'm allergic to MyVagina.

sybil law said...

MyVagina pooped on the carpet!
That is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

MyVagina does NOT like men.

I have a friend that, when she bought a Volvo, a buddy and I ran thru about a bojillion jokes like:

Hey, you're volvo is really roomy.
I love the smell of your volvo.
How many men can fit in your volvo?
I always wanted to get into your volvo.

Good times. and by the way sybil law, well played.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

My Vagina has destroyed the carpet.

PS. I LOVE Ghosthunters. I have seen every episode so many times it's ridiculous. I'd sleep with Steve or Grant. I'm not sure if you asked that question but I answered it.

Avitable said...

I recorded it. Amy and I will be watching tonight.

That One said...

MyVagina ate the gerbil.

Enjoyed this post! Your ghost-hunting pals sound like a hoot!

Narcoleptic said...

Replying over from my blog:

Oh god Heather, don't I just love you!

Things are fine, kind of busy with school, but the best part is, I almost sat down to make a post last night, but couldn't get my fingers rolling.

But, I have been reading every single post of yours and I was beaming ear to ear when I read about your mother's visit to the oncologist - at the end of it, I let out a huge breath I didn't even know I was holding.
Mothers should live forever.

Anonymous said...

MyVagina keeps leaving its hair everywhere!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Watch out! My vagina hasn't had its shots!! lol

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Faiqa - Then shave it.

Sybil Law - Wow. That's some interesting plumbing going on there.

Functionally ReTodded - None of them like men, hon.

Bloggess - Mine destroys the hardwoods. And did you know Steve has a cat named "Sassy Lashes?" I think I'm in love.

Avitable - Wait... no MyVagina comment? Are you feeling OK?

Tuli - Must be related to Richard Gere...

Narcoleptic - Mothers should live forever. :) Glad you're OK and thinking about blogging, hon!

MommyCosm - Wax it!

MetalMom - Me, too!

Giggle Pixie - OUCH!

A Free Man said...

Jenny's freakishly funny, isn't she.