18 August 2009


After having a record 13 people enter my sadistic blogiversary contest (heh), I went over the answers and entered all you brave souls into the random integer generator and I am pleased as punch to announce that Tuli is the winner! Tuli, e-mail me your name and mailing address and I'll send you a little box of Georgia swag! Woo hoo!

I've included the correct answers to the questions below. Thanks for playing, everyone!

1) Empire Strikes Back - To what did General Rieekan order all power in Echo Base rerouted?
B. The energy shield

2) A New Hope - What was M'iiyoom Onith's species?
C. H'memthe

3) Return of the Jedi - Whose fugitive parents were killed by Rodian bounty hunters when he was ten years old?
C. Doda Bodonawieedo

4) A New Hope - Who served as a test pilot on various TIE prototype ships?
B. Captain Yorr

5) Empire Strikes Back - To what phrase did C-3PO reply, "How rude!"?
B. "E chu ta!"

6) A New Hope - Where did C-3PO tell the stormtroopers the "madmen" were headed?
B. To the prison level

7) Empire Strikes Back - How many medium blaster cannons is an AT-AT fitted with?
A. Two

8) A New Hope - What was Beru Lars' homeworld?
C. Tatooine

9) Return of the Jedi - Which company manufactured the escort frigate used by the Rebellion?
B. Kuat Drive Yards

10) Return of the Jedi - What is the uppermost spire of the tower at Jabba the Hutt's palace?
B. A communications dome


Lynda said...

Whoa, I really sucked at that game.


Irrational Dad said...

I consider myself to be quite the nerd, and even that quiz had my nerd alert going off.

That One said...

Yay! I WON! I'm so looking forward to all my Georgia goodies.

Off to email you my info.

PS - Thank GOD for Random # generator...I compared my answers with the correct answers and I got ONE right. But that was enough to get me entered, so -- Woo!

Expat No. 3699 said...

I didn't play because I totally suck at this stuff, but congrats to Tuli.

hello haha narf said...

congrats to tuli for winning!

considering i said b to all, i didn't do too bad. :)

Unknown said...

I never got hte chance to go back and re-watch the movies. But you've gotten me to think about them - and now they're stuck in my "gotta do this" queue.

sybil law said...

I got one right!
Congrats, Tuli!

Avitable said...

I got six right. I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed!

Patois42 said...

So my winning way of D-A-D-A throughout got me goose egg.