12 April 2010

Hello Haha Narf Is Teh Awesome

In this crazy ol' blogverse, meeting people can be... interesting. I guess it's a bit like online dating. You read the person's blog/comments on other blogs, follow them on Twitter/Crackbook, start bantering back and forth online, and make each other snort various liquids out of your noses. You memorize their avatar and you can tell immediately when they're available on IM. It's like a disturbance in the Force. You decide that during a layover/family vacation/business trip to hook up and meet in person. You pick out your nicest clothes, put on some lipstick and eyeshadow, and squirt some Jean Naté in the pits and then, you take a deep breath.

Prior to last June, I had only met four bloggers in person. ConFab, Baby would be my first time meeting a large group of bloggers. In person. All at once. So many I had been itching to meet and others I didn't even know who they were. One lady in particular blew me away.

Becky is this awesome, optimistic, excited-about-everything, happy, beautiful woman. I hadn't read her blog in-depth, but her comments cracked me up. Every time. And after watching her cheer the Penguins to Stanley Cup victory and then sing crazy, drunken karaoke, I knew she was a blog friend to count as special. Especially when she blogged about her love of dandelions. I love someone who cheers the underdog, considering I spend most of my time mistaking myself for one of those said dogs.

Four months later, we reconnected at Invaded and had a most awesome time. She informed me that she would be in Atlanta, in April, on business, and we'd better hang. Dammit.

Hang, we did.

When I picked her up (after schlepping to the wrong Hilton - DOH!), we navigated the scary-confusing streets of Atlanta to find ourselves at The Varsity. It was crazy-crowded:

But we slowly made our way forward. After trying on the hats:

And listening to the cashiers yell "What'll ya have?!" we were in grease-dog heaven:

I am proud to say that I convinced Becky to try a chili-slaw dog. She liked it. I loved watching her reactions to the flavors and her surroundings. I later told Ty-man that that was the most fun I've EVER had at The Varsity. Hands down.

We then headed north to the CMGD household to play with kids and just relax.

(No pictures. I know. I'm a bad blogger. But the kids eventually lost their shyness and we made foam flower leis. Becky even got hugs before she left. The kids want her back. So do I.)

The Ty-man then played the part of Jeeves and drove us east to Roswell, the home of Greenwoods On Green Street, my most favorite Atlanta restaurant. We hooked up with the ever-cool, fellow college alumna, Copasetic Beth. There, we embarked on a most-delicious Southern meal and four hours of awesome conversation (during which we never once embarrassed Ty-man numerous times). Yes, Becky did turn off the dining rooms lights during our hilarious discussion and yes, she did blame Yoda.

Naughty Jedi Master.

Becky, I loved every second of your too-brief visit. I'm glad I got you for a few hours, I'm glad we got to know each other even better, and I'm glad to call you friend.

Ya'll come back soon, y'hear?


Faiqa said...

You're right on about Becky. She is human beauty personified. I love her from the depths of my soul, seriously. Also, for me, having you and Becky in the same room is like... well, I guess, like Qui-Gon Jinn and Captain William Adama showing up at my door with Chunky Monkey ice cream.

Um. That was my sad attempt at a SciFi metaphor. I don't know, I thought it was pretty good.

Avitable said...

I'm so glad that two of my favoritest people got to hang out with each other!

Liz Hill said...

We missed her terribly but I think it's fabulous she got to hang with you

Bob said...

Becky is awesome, no doubt about that.

Little Mrs. Jonesss said...

Yay for the varsity! And I gotta try that Greenwoods place.. Glad you had an awesome time!

Megan said...


Glad you had fun. Everyone needs a little Becky in their lives. Or maybe a lot of Becky.

metalmom said...

I loves me some Becky....And CMGD!

Michael from dadcation.com said...

Even though y'all dissed us at Manual's, I'm glad y'all had fun anyway. Sort of.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Faiqa - OK, am I Qui-Gon or CPT Adama? Just got to know. ;)

Avitable - :)

Turnbaby - I'm sorry for snagging her from you. Next year, Becky and I just need to both come up to KY.

Nobody - She definitely is.

Little Mrs. Jonesss - Seriously. We need to get Brett out of the Starbucks one night and we double-date over to Greenwoods.

Finn - I would say a lot.

MetalMom - Hee hee!

Muskrat - Did you and Bossy have a good time? No dissing next time. Pinky-swear.

sybil law said...

Awesome!!!! :D

Miss Britt said...

Yep. Even hot dogs are better with Becky.

Patois42 said...

Y'all are both too darn lucky.

Not Afraid To Use It said...

Meeting bloggers is always so awesome! Glad to see you gals had such a great time!

marty said...

Shhhh, Don't tell Turnbaby and Mr. Fab that Confab 2 is coming up. Let's all surprise them.