24 November 2010

The Kids Have Got It, Part 3

Yep, even J-man got in on the action. Here's the video of our youngest beginning his career as the Stig starting my minivan.

If you can't see the above video, click here to view it on YouTube. If you missed Valley Dude-speaking Bubba then click here, or if you want to see Miss-Miss tell a story check her out here!


Unknown said...

Now you've done it!! The STIG EXPOSED!!!

Grant said...

Now that you have put all your children on the Internet I will totally steal their identities and max out their credit cards.

sybil law said...

Sweet! Now teach him to drive and you've got a designated driver!

Sooo cute! I loved all the kid vids. :D

Avitable said...

I love that you posted these. :)