19 January 2008

Cold - Possible Snow - Saturday Meme

OK, before I get to this meme, passed on to me from Military Mom, let me say this.


Let's just say you could call it Cloverfield - The 9/11 Blair Witch Godzilla Starship Troopers Project. I highly recommend seeing it. Get baby sitters. Get pet sitters. Get out there. And, if you don't manage to see it in the theater, give me a call when the DVD comes out. We've got a home theater in our basement and I'll let you come over and watch it. Seriously. It's so good that I'll open up my home to strangers.

OK. On to the meme. I have to link to five of my old posts according to the given categories. Since I've only been blogging since August, this shouldn't be too difficult.

Family - This was one of my first posts and I had something up-beat and happy to say about being a mother. Plus, I was playing with Mac's Photo Booth software.

Friends - This is a relatively recent post and pays tribute to friend and biatch, Teri.

Me - This is an early post about my home state of West "By God!" Virginia. I'm proud of my Mountaineer/Hillbilly birthright and advertise it all the time.

A Post I Love - OK, friends Vonda and Kristi probably shook their heads when reading one of my kid book reviews. But, sometimes I'm reading these kids' books and the coffee hasn't kicked in, and I'm thinking WTF is this book about, anyway? Yeah, this was one of those days.

Anything I Choose - Yeah, this post basically sums up the geek in me. Fear it!

Hope you all enjoy the walk down memory lane. And go see Cloverfield for Chrissakes!


Avitable said...

I loved Cloverfield. Such an awesome concept.

Military Mom said...

LOVED the post about V and Kevin Smith! I love that guy too, Chasing Amy was one of my favorites! Thanks for playing along.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Avitable - Great minds dig the same movies, man!

Military Mom - Kevin Smith is a god. I've always thought about starting a religion, making him our prophet, and praying to New Jersey every day!

Fab - Oh, I'll bet Mrs. Fab LOVES the line-quoting.