04 January 2008

This is All I've Got

So, you think she went loco because Huckabee took the Iowa Caucuses? I mean, I can hear the exchange between Brit and the cops now.

Damn that Huckabee! He wasn't suppooooooosed to take the GOP win! (said with much whining)

It was supposed to be Mitt! Mitt Rooooomney, I tell you!

Waaaaaa!!!! Obama and Mitt! NOT Obama and Huckabeeeeeeeeeee! Mitt's rich! Huckabee's just a fat guy in a recovering fat guy's boooooodeeeee! Waaaaaaa!!!!!!

Well, OK. Maybe that's not how it went down. But, that's how I felt.

Not that I like Mitt. I just detest Huckabee more.

Dang. Slow day.

Yeah, as you can tell, I got nothin'.

By the way, is it just me or does Huckabee look a bit like Evita Peron in that picture?

Don't cry for me Des Moines, Iowa!


RiverPoet said...

I like your theory :-) And I like the Huckabee as Evita even more!

Personally I was watching the Brave New Films live coverage on their website last night. I was in the minority because I was cheering on my girl - not because she has the "right" genitalia but because she and I agree on many of the issues.

It was definitely a slow news day, though. That Britney is in a 72-hour lockdown doesn't surprise me at all. If they're smart, they'll keep her much, much longer than that.

Peace - D

Military Mom said...

As long as it wasn't "Hillary and Huckabee" I'm alright. I am still undecided on the republican nominee. Cheers!

Michael Brown said...

I thought you would like the FairTax candidate?