15 November 2011

Wow. It's Really Dusty Around Here.

August 17th. That was the date of my last post.

Is anyone even subscribed to this damned feed any more?

*Wiping off the cobwebs*

Who. The. HELL? Picked out this pattern? Oh, yeah. Me.

For the last year, I've been a mama who has been trying to take care of myself physically. When my doctor put me back on my insulin-controlling meds last year, I knew that I also had to start exercising. And run I did. I've logged quite a few miles and become intimately acquainted with a 4-mile bike trail that kicks my running rear end. I've also been lifting weights and Zumba-ing all over most of Woodstock. I'm not saying I'm at the gym hours upon hours every day, but just that 30 to 60 minutes each morning slays me.

Physically, I'm at the top of my game.

Mentally, I'm the equivalent of that dead toad Ty-man peeled off the driveway yesterday morning.

But, hey, my insulin is again my bitch.

Dear Pancreas,
Suck it.
Love, Me

(BTW, if this post makes no sense? It's because Ty-man turned on Thor. How is a girl like me supposed to write a sensible post when a boy like Chris Hemsworth is bulging all over my TV screen? *Sigh*)

I miss the old snarky, writing me. I'll drive the kids to school and think Oh! Oh! I've got to write this down. Or I'll be at the grocery store and I'm all DANG! My head is so FUNNEH! By the time I'm home, the funny has frittered away to nothing. I look out at my blogging friends and think, She's traveling the country, he's working on his stand-up comedy, he's collecting money for charity, she's educating the masses about being an American Muslim, he's helped create this awesome magazine and they're all writing.

And I'm here. Watching re-runs of Big Bang Theory and thinking about writing.

So, I'll write. I've got a book of writing prompts and I've got stupid things that I think are funny and if any of you are still out there, I'll write for you. If you're all gone, well, that's OK too. I'll write it anyway.

Reboot of my brain in 3... 2...


Dave2 said...

Still here... :-)

Annie said...

Still hangin' around wondering if you'd been jailed after an HOA misadventure. Good to see that it's only motherhood sucking the life out of you, she says as she sits nearly lifeless amid the chaos of life. :)

Michael from dadcation.com said...

I'm glad you're doing well physically, at least! I think of stuff I want to write all the time, too, and wish I gave myself permission to post every day like I used to, actually. But, the 1-2 times a week will have to suffice for now.

hello haha narf said...

i'm so not gone. not by a long shot. in fact, seeing your blog in my reader gave my heart great joy. if you want to write, i'd love to read it.
quite glad to hear that physically you are kicking your body into great shape. we need you around for the long haul!

Megan said...

Still here, babe. Will be until you decide to quit.

P.S. Don't quit.

Unknown said...

Nobody here but us chickens. *burp*

Oh. And me, too. *scratch*

Somebody turned the light on? Is it time to get up?

I guess I better say "Love you" and get out of here before any more bodily functions are manifest, here.


Avitable said...

I think you should blame the Big Bang Theory. That show is shit.

alan7933 said...

I'm here. What do you know, I read all of the blogs you mentioned also. I'm glad your back.

sybil law said...

I'm here! You've been missed! Looking forward to hearing more from you! xoxo

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Dave2 - :-) Back at ya!

Annie - Nah, no HOA misadventures. Not yet, anyway!

Muskrat - But, you have an excuse, Mr. Lawyer-running-his-own-firm! :)

Hello Haha Narf - Oh, I hope to be around for a LOOOOOOONG time!

Megan - I won't. Thanks, hon!

LceeL - Hopefully, I'll get all the dust cleaned up around here before you sneeze/fart which is a favorite bodily function of my mother's. ;)

Avitable - It is, but it's either that or more Real Housewives and God knows I don't need any of that shit!

Alan7933 - Great minds think alike!

Sybil Law - Thanks, hon!

Kim - Mommycosm said...

Still here :) Glad you are, too!

Wish we lived closer so you could share the FUNNEH more often... and I'd totally watch Big Bang Theory with you because that show cracks me up.

Maybe we need to go on a mission to find your writing mojo - like in the Caribbean somewhere?

jayna said...

I've missed you! (As much as is normal to miss an internet person living hundreds of miles away that is only connected through popping up in a reader :-)

Jordan Ghastly said...

Who are you again?

aerie said...

I beg everyone's pardon - The Big Bang Theory is awesome, thank you very much. :D

Enjoy your blog!
from a another potty-mouthed mom, cat person, and southerner (NC).

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Kim - Oh, gawd! The Caribbean! You're such a tease! ;) Actually, I've told the Ty-man that I need to spend my 40th birthday (this February) under water in said sea. Hopefully, we will.

Jayna - :) I've missed you guys, too!

Jordan Ghastly - I'm kickin' your ass, dude! ;)

Aerie - Yes, the Big Bang Theory is TONS of awesome. Ignore Adam. He knows not of what he speaks. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Thanks for reading!