17 October 2007

Lurkers Beware!

The bane of every blogger is lack of comments, meaning lack of readers. My blog is a rather meager, small thing. Nothing special. Just me spewing out the contents of my rather sick/boring/trying-to-be-funny brain. I've got to give my girl Teri props for commenting every time she reads my drivel (trademark - Mr. Fabulous). I love you, man! Plus, the dad-in-law Chuck is a loyal reader and e-mails me personal-like with his thoughts. Thanks! My two fans!

So, I have a request. I have allowed anonymous comments on my blog so that just any 'ole reader can comment without signing up for a Google account. Wasn't that kind of me? Comment on this post! You don't have to say anything special. Just type, "Here!" and your name, or any other word that comes to mind. It will make my day. Considering that this post received a whopping five comments (a record here at CofaCMGD), let's make it six, people!

And away we go!


Not Afraid to Use It said...

You know I love ya, girl!! Thanks for posting on my WW! I hope the anonymous addition gets you a few more comments! I know they make my day!

Cat said...

ok-I admit it, i'm a lurker :) Actually, your cousin (Debbie) turned me on to your blog a few weeks ago, and I check in periodically because I think you're hysterical!

Orlando, Fl

The Ferryman said...

You need to ask my permission before you use the word "drivel".

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness gracious!! (I cleaned that up for the family, as if you couldn't tell. Insert my usual language.) It's always about you. "Blah blah blah read my blog." "Blah blah blah comment on my blog." Well I got your comment right here! ;-)

I kid. I kid. I love getting my daily dose of the DobHe. Keep it going!! And don't forget, you can comment on the comments. Uh huh. ;-)

love you man,

B said...

I just found your blog from Blogger Chicks. Read a few of your posts and think you're hilarious! I will come back. Please visit my blog, too, as I also look forward to the "elusive" comments.