26 October 2007

'Scuse me?

Yes, you've read right. According to justsayhi.com (yes, I know, it's a dating site, that also, I might add, offers widgets for blogs) my humble corner of the blogosphere is rated NC-17. NC-17?!?!? NC-Friggin'-17. Unbelievable. Following is the rating system's reasons for rating me NC-17.

I have previously mentioned penis five times, hell four times, vulva three times, orifice twice, and whore once in all of my posts. First off, orifice? They're holding it against me for using orifice? I could have been talking about my nostrils, for chrissake! No, you're right, I was speaking of the human genitalia in that post, but still. Come on. Give me the benefit of the doubt!

My uses of penis, vulva, and orifice were for purely educational purposes. I was trying to point out how difficult it is to teach my kids the proper terms for their genitalia rather than cutesy euphemisms. Oh, and? I used vagina and clitoris in that post and they didn't count those. Hmmmmm. Hell is a just a very mild cuss word for me, and whore? Well, whore was used in a post title regarding my pitiful addictions and in another referring to my mother's late crack-whore, 'scuse me, crack-working-girl neighbor. And, why didn't they count against me for genitalia? I would say the word genitalia is more "offensive" than orifice. Sheesh.

Anyhoo, counting this post, my offensive word count is now as follows:
penis - 8
hell - 7
vulva - 6
orifice - 8
whore - 5

Stay tuned, people! More unintentional offensiveness to follow!


Unknown said...

Huh, now it gives you an NC-17 rating for - orifice (5x) whore (4x) crap (3x) vulva (2x) crack (1x). I think it's just a scam to get your blog address to send you spam. See previous comment. teehee ;-)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

NO WAY are you NC-17!!! I would hate to see my rating! Don't worry! You be as offensive as you want to (or don't mean to be), I will be back for more!!!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Okay--why can't I figure out how to rate my own blog? Where on the site are the widgits? I am having technical issues over here and need a little guidance...