14 December 2007

Pretentious, Much?

So, I'm on the way to the pediatrician today (J-man's second flu shot), feelin' a bit snarky, when I get behind a Jaguar. Don't know the model. Don't care. How do I know it was a Jag?

Not only did it have "Jaguar" emblazoned across the trunk...

... but the owner had a license plate frame that stated, "Jaguar."


We already know it's a friggin' Jag. It says so on the back of the f-ing car. Why do I need to be doubly reminded that you're a pretentious bitch with a Jaguar license plate frame?

Are you afraid that if you don't have "Jaguar" everywhere, all over the car, that all us non-Jag owning drivers will mistake it for a Yugo? Ford Fusion? VW Bug?

Do you really want to announce to the world that you're an ass?

Gee, I'm going to run out right now and grab a "Honda" license plate frame to go along with the big, giant, silver H on the back of my minivan just in case you pretentious, ass-wipe Jag motherf!@#ers don't get that I'm a stay-at-home-mom of three.

Bet her keychain says Jag, too. Meh.

Did I mention that I was feeling snarky today?


Military Mom said...

Minivan drivers of the world-Unite! I agree, Jag drivers are the worst, and you had every right to bitch! Now go eat some chocolate and feel better!

terancedubya said...

Wow...I visit your blog for the first time and I'm greeted with cursing and Jag-hating rants...were we soul mates in a different life?

Anonymous said...


My Dad used to be the President of the Jaguar Society of SC. I never got the whole snotty thing, but he thought he was cool.

He shook his head in disappointment when we drove down from NH to see him...in our Honda Odyssey. (Happy to see us, just not the ride) Only positive thing he could say was at least they put good tires on it.

Try putting 2 kids in a Jag for an 18 hour road trip...think NOT!


The Ferryman said...

I like snarky Heather.

When my brother visited here from Washington State, he rented a Jaguar.


Anonymous said...

i was once by a guy on the freeway who was in his car that costs several hundred thousand dollars and his license plate read: O 2 B Me

Miss Britt said...

I love jags.

Especially older jags.

If I ever could afford to drive a jag, it would totally say "jag" on the license plate.

Until that day - I will join you in the pointing and laughing! Ha! Bastards!

Avitable said...

Maybe a jaguar was driving it? Did you think about that?

Jags are pieces of shit anyway - you need two of them so that you have one to drive when the other's in the shop.