07 January 2008

Idea! Idea!

So, I'm in the shower this morning (and I swear to Heaven and Earth that if any of you, besides Ty-man, pictures me nekid, I'll have to... well, I'll have to do something. Check with me later.) and I have an epiphany (not the holiday, but an idea). FINALLY! A blog posting idea.

It was almost like when you really, really, really, really, really, REEEEEAAALLLLY have to pee and you finally pee and your whole body just goes, "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh."

It was that kind of idea-moment. My brain pee'd.

Why don't I, I thought, scan all my yearbook/school pictures and post about them and me? It would fill in some info people are missing, give everybody a few laughs, and take care of several days of blogging. Woo hoo! Genius!

So, here I am, presenting you with my two preschool years.

I attended Montessori Pre-school in Charleston, West Virginia beginning at age 3 (1975) and stayed for two years before starting first grade. Since this was a private school, my parents (who couldn't afford it) worked after hours as janitors for the church who sponsored the school. Now, that's dedication. I remember going to the church after-hours, playing with the Montessori learning tools while Mom and Dad vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned toilets.

Here's our school picture my first year:

That lady at the top? Mrs. Kawsek. She rocked and I still correspond with her on a regular basis. Joel was the cute blonde boy up there on the left (third row). SMMMMAAAARRRRRT kid. 800s on his math SATs. College-level calculus classes in 10th grade. Totally smoked my butt. Bottom right? That's Scott. I had SUCH a crush on him and my goal in life was to kiss him. I managed to do it one afternoon two years later. I was happy, he pee'd his pants. And that cute little girl in the yellow dress? Me.

Now, the second year:

Little boy at the top left? Can't remember his name but I always thought he looked like an elf. There's Joel there, in the center, just above the school information. Lower right, middle kid, was Brent. Ah, Brent. He was my second year crush. Also wanted to smooch him. Never succeeded. Until..... 1999. Ran into Brent, his older sister, and his parents at the Charleston airport that year. They were heading back home to Miami and I was leaving for Georgia. We re-connected (Brent's dad was the minister of a Lutheran church we frequented) and as we said our good-byes, I got my kiss. YES!

And that cute kid? Second row from the bottom at the end? Yep, that was me. OK, all together now....


Now, for those of you who already know the answer to this question (Teri, Ty-man, Toni, Michael, Reed, etc. - this includes you, John!) keep this to yourself. For the rest of you, I have a question regarding the second picture. Click on it. Look at the larger version. Examine it closely. Look at each kid and picture them as adults. See someone you recognize (besides me)? Let me know if you do!

See you tomorrow with my elementary school pictures. SCARY!


Unknown said...

AWWWWWW! Wook at da cute wittle Heather. But what's up with the backdrop for the second year? It looks like there are bats flying around your little noggins. Bats are wicked-cool, so I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but still.

Oh, and how in the hell does a pre-schooler get an 800 on his math SATs?!?! Amazing!

The Ferryman said...

I can picture you naked quite easily. In fact, I am doing it now...

Avitable said...

I pictured myself naked.

And I'm looking at that second picture, but the quality's not good enough to really make any guesses. If you let me know which picture I should look at, I might be able to guess.

Anonymous said...

I'll give a hint. The famous person is one of the girls on the same row as Heather.

Miss Britt said...

OMG, did you go to preschool with William Hung??

She Bangs! She Bangs!

If not... I feel sorry for that kid.

Military Mom said...

The girl next to you looks like she could be Jennifer Garner, but that's just a long shot guess. Neat idea for a post! I wish I had any of my little girl pictures! My mom has them all, and I'm too camera shy to ever post them (I was not a cutie, like SOME people). Cheers!

Unknown said...


Military Mom said...

Oh yeah! I ROCK! Whoo hooo!!!!! What do I win? JK

RiverPoet said...

Wow, that IS a great idea for a post! And Jennifer Garner? I think she's one of the BEST people in Hollyweird (actually she's in NYC now with her darling little Mini-Me, Violet).

Do you still keep in touch?

Take care - Peace - D

Unknown said...

Dangit! I didn't get to come by yesterday to guess! Can't say I would have gotten it, but I would have tried...

Congrats, Military Mom!