16 February 2008

I'm Feelin' the Love Today!

A while back, a couple of sweeties gave me some great awards and I have yet to acknowledge and thank them.

First of all, there's Jayna over at My Longest Year. I've been reading her blog since I found the joy of blogging in August of last year. See, Jayna's husband is in Iraq on a 15-month deployment and Jayna is raising their daughter E on her own, for the moment. Once he gets home, I figure Jayna will be MIA from the blogverse for a while (understandable), but she's got a great blog, a great story, and great heart. Thanks hon for my blog buddies award! I love visiting your corner each day.

And Military Mom "Less Than 3" me! (FYI - and I had to look this up, <3 is the IM way of expressing a heart, so she loves me!). What can I say about Military Mom? She's a mom, in the military, who runs, has a Wonderdad for a hubby, and is funny! Love, love, lurv her!

So, now, to pass these babies on...

I read this stay-at-home dad blog. House Dad Chronicals. Damn, he makes me laugh every time I read him! And? He's a dead-ringer for DJ Lance from a psychedelic kids' show on Noggin called Yo Gabba Gabba! Terance, you are my Blog Buddy and I pass on to you the Blog Buddy Award!

And I send off the Less Than Three Award to Poetic License. Girlfriend has been going through some horrible medical stuff lately and, on top of that, she's a great writer and expresses herself wonderfully. Here you are, Momma! Love you!


RiverPoet said...

I'm feelin' the love, too, girlfriend. I feel so honored that you gave me the <3 award! You make me laugh so often that you are my official blog of cheer. Your wry wit and astute sense of the world combine to make this a great place to hang out and drink coffee. Sometimes I laugh so hard it comes out my nose.

Very lady-like.

Peace - D

terancedubya said...

Hooray for Blog Buddies! This is the first time anybody has given me an award ME! I don't even have anything prepared! (Unravels crumpled notebook paper from coffee-stained robe) ahem "To all involved with this project, there were many ups and downs, but we persevered to the end. Thanks everyone for a great first 8 months, and we look forward to another great 8!" (The sound of muffled applause as I walk off the stage.)

Thanks girl! I will be displaying that badge proudly on my home page.

Military Mom said...

Awe Heather, stop it, you make me blush... I lurve you too sweetie! I look forward to reading your blog everyday, and you never dissapoint!

The Ferryman said...

Wow...for someone who has been blogging for twenty minutes, you are really racking up the hardware! LOL

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Momma - Dang, girl. *Sniff* I'm gonna cry and ruin my moisturizer! *Sniff!*

Terancedubya - Excellent speech! Bravo! Bravo! Encore!

Military Mom - And, I hope to be here almost everyday!

Fab - Hey! 'Scuse me! 25 minutes, thank you very much! :-)

Avitable said...

Yet you never posted the drawing I sent you as a prize . . .

So sad.