25 May 2008

100 Things - Memorable Moments

Continuing on with my new and improved 100 Things list, I give you (drum roll, please):

10 Most Memorable Moments of My Life!

1. The day my twins were born. This was such a whirlwind day. There I was in the bowels of Northside Hospital, working on day three of living in a tiny, windowless hospital room, resigning myself to the fact that within 24 hours, I would move to a room in the High-Risk Perinatal ward for a month-long stay. Down comes my OB informing me that my blood platelets and liver enzymes were so out-of-whack that the twins had to come that day. Within four hours, Miss-Miss and Bubba entered the world and I? Was a bewildered mom of two!

2. The day J-man was born. This day was so different. It was planned. It was on the calendar. I was induced. I had my epidural. I had no pain or discomfort. He was born within three hours. It was easy-peasy and I wish all women could have that experience of pure joy with no pain and no fuss.

3. The day I found out I was pregnant with the twins. This was my fifth and, I believed final, attempt at artificial insemination. The final injection prior to insemination is such a strong dosage of hormones that any pregnancy test taken within 14 days gives a false positive. You have to wait 15 days. Every other round, I bled on day 14. This time? Day 14 passed uneventfully. The next morning, I peed on that stick and jumped up and down. JOY!

4. The day I found out I was pregnant with J-man. I needed hormone injections. I needed my doctor inserting Ty-man's sperm into my uterus via surgical tubing. Pregnancy? Without those things? Was impossible... or so I thought. There I sat, five days after the twins' first birthday, three positive pregnancy tests in hand, wondering what the heck had happened! JOY and TERROR!

5. The day my father died. Memorable only because every second of that day and the two days to follow are etched in my brain. I can recall the smells, sights, emotions, and helplessness. It was horrible.

6. The day I married the Ty-man. Again, every second is burned in my memory but for better reasons than the previous moment. It was a wonderful day! Perfect even when I ripped the lace trim on the hem of my dress, when the ring bearer lost his shit at the altar, and especially when Ty-man and I were left at the church as everyone took off for the reception, each thinking the other had taken care of us. It was all great!

7. The day I was baptized in the Presbyterian church. I remember being 10 and wondering about God, Christ, and Heaven. The minister placed the blessed water on my head and tears immediately sprang to my eyes. My heart skipped a beat. It was wonderful.

8. The first time an adult betrayed me - spring, 1990. It's a long, drawn out story. I was 18 and nearly a high school graduate. A woman I looked up to stabbed me in the back, but good. I was devastated beyond measure and I remember balling up in the corner of my room in utter anger and betrayal. Looking back, I realize this defining moment made me stronger. But, it also made me rougher which isn't always good.

9. January 28, 1986. I was walking the halls of my junior high, booking it to my next class, when I heard the kid next to me say, "Hey! The Challenger just blew up!" All I wanted to be at that age was an astronaut and that moment kicked me in the gut. That was a bad day.

10. The day I met the Ty-man. April 10, 1988. Oh, yeah. Twenty years ago. I know, I know. I've flipped out already. Go ahead. I'll wait for you to catch up. Good? It was the first day of Space Camp (again, snort your coffee, get it out) and I remember this tall guy standing with my group. He looked like a counselor and I snuck a peek at his name tag. Taylor. My first thought was, "What idiots would name their kid Taylor?" Yeah, it was a typo. And he turned out to be the man of my dreams!

So what do you think so far? Cool? Liking it? Hating it? Too bad because tomorrow it's time for the ten things I hate!


RiverPoet said...

#7 I can definitely relate to. I felt the same way about church, church music, and my baptism when I was growing up. (I was 9 when I was baptized). That's part of the reason I've hustled my butt back to church. I needed a little joy in my life. And I've found it. I'm fretting less. I sleep better. And I'm starting to find some of that joy again.

Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Peace - D

Jenn said...

I love this 10 things a day!! It's a great idea...I just don't know where the heck you found the time to write 10 thoughtful, insightful posts, all before you left. I'm lucky if I get one in every few days!You're a rock star!

Avitable said...

I'm surprised you didn't have more academic-type things in this list.

The Ferryman said...

Well, I'm not on this list *sob* so I must be on tomorrow's list.

Miss Britt said...

My second labor was amazing. Easy. Basically painless.

I remember thinking that if someone could PROMISE me it would always be like this, I'd have 10 more babies.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I grew up in the town where they BUILT the shuttles. They used to fly over our house and school on their way to Edwards. That explosion rocked us to the core. You know my Ouija experience.

Molly's Mom said...

I vote for awesome! Love this idea...

highlander1463 said...

January 28, 1986. I was in a coffee shop in Marietta Ga with my dad. I was watching the Challenger launch live on a TV in the shop. I think we were both in shock when we saw the explosion. I know how you feel.