16 May 2008

Michigan and Florida Are Insignificant?

OK, I never blog about politics or elections. I mean, I did joke about Mike Huckabee looking like Evita Peron. That was warranted. But, I have a question and a beef that I must ask and get off my chest.


Any Floridians or Michigan-ites who happen to read this and who happen to be Democrats, please comment and let me know what you think. Or if you're neither? Comment anyway. I want the opinion of my fellow Americans (no Tricky Dick jokes, please).

Where the hell does the Democratic National Committee (DNC) get off telling Michigan and Florida Democrats that their primary votes don’t count because their state governments decided to have primaries contrary to when the DNC wanted them? What. The. Fuck?! (Yes, this time I typed out fuck. This? Warrants it.)

The last time I checked, this is America (getting my General Patton face on – proselytizing in front of an American flag up on a large stage, thank you very much). If I’m registered, then my vote should count on whatever day elections are held in my state. Presidential election? Counted. School bond election? Counted. Voting for dog catcher? Counted. Republican? Democrat? Libertarian? Independent? Counted. Counted. Counted. And counted. There should be no question regarding the counting of votes in this country. This should hold true for your vote, Ty-man’s vote, my mom’s vote, and the vote of every Michigan-ite and Floridian – every flipping American. What I need to know is where is the outcry? Where are the mass protests? Why have those two states been quiet? If I had woken up one morning and found out that either party was stating that Georgia votes wouldn’t count in our February primary, I would have been knocking down some doors and telling said party to go fuck themselves and I wouldn’t have relented until my vote counted, because I’m an American and my vote will count, dammit, as is my right. It’s not up to my party to decide if my vote will count, it’s up to me and my presence or lack thereof at the polling place.

Gad, every damned time I hear the news and the lack of inaction regarding the counting of votes in the Michigan and Florida primaries toward the Democratic nominee I just want to scream. I would like to take the DNC and Howard Dean and shove them down a toilet drain. Seriously. It inflames me. Can’t you tell?

So, that’s what I want to know. What do you guys think? I know there are Floridians and Michigan-ites who read my little blog. I want to know how you guys feel. Cause I’m severely pissed about it and I don’t live in either state and don’t even count myself as Democrat.


.:| Melissa.Mizladytaz |:. said...

Well, I don't much talk about politics, mostly cuz it just pisses me off. But I will say this: That just goes to prove my personal thoughts that politics in general is nothing but a HUGE corrupt damn joke! And WE the PEOPLE! Ha! WhatEVER! WE the PEOPLE don't mean shit anymore!

I don't have much confidence/faith in our government/political system! Even still though, I would not live anywhere else in the world!

So. Yea. That's what I think!

See! I just go and get all in a huff! That's why I just usually steer away from it!

Sorry, Heather. I know, I'm of no help! LOL

The Ferryman said...

I am perenially pissed off anyway, because as a registered Independent in Florida I can't vote in primary elections, only in general elections.

I hope that isn't the case in Kentucky. If it is, I am going to bite the bullet and finally just register as a democrat.

RiverPoet said...

Darlin', I am a registered Dem, and I don't know why they did such a thing. Hubby has tried to explain it to me a few times, but I keep coming back to, "Why?" like a four-year-old. It makes NO sense to me, and I think it should be set right.

Protests? In this country? We're scared of our own shadows. We're afraid of being arrested, losing our jobs, being followed around by govt spies with the Patriot Act on their side, and the thought that all of our sacrifice might not make a difference anyway. We're just short of a dictatorship, at least with this administration.

Peace - D

Miss Britt said...

Well, the difference is that this is not a general election. This is a "within the party nomination", basically.

The party had rules. That's just kind of how it works.

Anonymous said...

Michigan and Florida aren't insignificant, just insubordinate.

So, here is my understanding: The Democratic National Committee is the parent and each state's democratic party is a child to this DNC parent. As the parent, DNC is responsible for making rules for the child to follow, and the child has some input (e.g., its representatives vote and report back).

The parent (with the children's votes) set a rule that only 4 children could have a primary before Feb. 2008 in order to be valid. Later, two of the children deliberately broke the rules. Like any good parent, DNC is following through with the consequences - you disobeyed, so now your primary is invalidated.

They knew the rules, they violated the rules, they pay the consequences. Which begs a ton of questions around fairness & arbitrariness.

This is yet another example of why I have no faith in the political system: "I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step." Jer. 10:23. Obviously, neither man nor woman cannot do it! That's the real meaning of "divine right to rule."

Avitable said...

The rules were pretty clear, but Florida and Michigan wanted to feel more important in the primary process, so they bumped theirs up. It makes sense on a technical level, but it's still unfortunate.

Gypsy said...

All I can say is, after 2000, Floridians don't really expect our votes to count.

It's looking like the DNC will do the same as the RNC (for those early votes) -- cut the delegates in half. Not literally. ;) There should be a decision on May 31.

That One said...

I'm a registered Democrat in Michigan and I voted in my primary and I AM pissed about how it was all handled.

My ballot had Hillary's name on it and UNDECIDED. (The rest of the candidates took their name off the ballot because of the DNC. Hillary stayed on the ballot but didn't campaign here. Was it the same in FL?)

So, while I did what I consider my duty and cast a vote I realized it was a farce. I would've made better use of the paper to take it home and wipe my ass with it.

Aside from the fiasco that was my primary, the whole voting system in the U.S. is, IMO, TOTAL bullshit. GAH!

Janna said...

I'm from Michigan.
I agree; we should be counted no matter what.
If someone wants to "punish" us for moving our election up to a different date, then do it in a way that does NOT take away our voice.
Tuli's right. The ballot had Hilary's name, and "undecided". No other viable Democratic choices. If we wanted to vote Dem, it was Hilary or nobody. They wouldn't even let us WRITE IN a candidate. Some loophole allowed them to totally discount any write-in votes. Hilary or nobody. That really annoyed me.
Michigan has really gotten screwed this year.

Molly's Mom said...

I guess my head was up my butt lo these past 6 months; I knew they were moving the primary up, but I didn't really know (or care) why. So that's this Michigander's one and a half cents.

Liz Hill said...

I loathe politics.

Until we have legitimate and viable third party this crap will continue to happen.

And Fabby---I'd be registered as an Independent if they could vote in primaries. That's why I'm stuck registered as a Democrat.

Cricky said...

I drive by my polling place every day on the way to work. I happened to notice it said that day was voting day and turned in to cast my ballot.

I have no idea how politics work. I don't really even care to get into it for the most part. I only go vote because it's similar to free samples at Sam's club...it's a God given right.

(says the Floridian registered as a DEM)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Melissa - It has become corrupt and the sad thing is that those who run to end the corruption ultimately become corrupt themselves. Grr.

Fab - I know in WV, registered Independents can vote on the Republican ticket during the primary. That's pretty cool.

Momma - It makes no sense to me, either. I guess I'm just a naive American with a glimmering vision of America a la Thomas Jefferson.

Britt - Nah, that's a rule that stinks and takes away the basic right of every over-18 American citizen. For me, that's wrong.

Denise - True, they knew the rules. I think they thought the rules sucked. Damned teenagers...

Avitable - It is. It truly is.

Gypsy - I hope so. I would hate sitting around knowing my party couldn't care about my vote/say.

Tuli - Seriously? That's like an old USSR ballot. Are we socialist/border communist? Dang. Sorry, hon.

Janna - No write ins? Holy friggin' crap. I'm so glad I don't live in Michigan. I probably would have been tear-gassed by now and hauled off to jail.

Molly's Mom - Taken, girl.

Turnbaby - You know? You're right. I wish the Independents would become an organized party and the Libertarians (my fave) would pick electable candidates.

Just a Girl - I love it. Free samples! You rawk, Girl!