14 August 2008

Church Mouse

Have you heard the expression "quiet as a church mouse?" If you look up that expression in the dictionary or on the Web, you would find the perfect definition of J-man. He is just the most content, sweet child and while riding in the back of the minivan on our way to and from school? He truly is as quiet as a church mouse.

Now I understand why people leave their kids in the car while going to the grocery store, or to the mall, or just wherever. I get why you see news stories about a child who has died in an extremely hot car on a nasty, August afternoon, because Mom went into the grocery store and forgot Child was in the back seat. Obviously Mom was distracted and Child was a little too quiet. I get it because when I'm in the driver's seat and Mr. Church Mouse is in the very back seat, on the right side of the minivan? I can't see him in the rear view mirror. And I can't hear him because he is quiet and content, watching the traffic go by. To see him I have to make like an owl and turn my head 180o. Then? I see him. Of course, I also plow into the rear of the person in front of me trying to go to work.

As I drove home yesterday, my mind on the twins and if they're enjoying school, if they like their classmates, if they like their teacher, yadda, yadda, yadda, I forgot about J-man for just a moment. And that scared me.

Moments like this? I wish I had a loud, rowdy kid giving me moment-by-moment commentary of the traffic.


HEATHER said...

Don't worry dear, he will get that way soon enough.

Bucky said...

Our 6 week old hates car rides. In fact, he hates his car seat, period. He screams while in it...constantly.

We can trade for a while, if you like.

Expat No. 3699 said...

Can you put him on the other side so you see him in your rear view mirror?

Oh, and so ya know...it probably won't last, so enjoy it while you can.

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I understand that fear. I feel such an empathy for the parents when I read a story like that...Unless they have thier ass in a bar or crackhouse.

Anonymous said...

If he's anything like BamBam, he's soaking in the world and storing it ALL up to tell you when he can talk.

There was a time about a year ago when I wondered if BamBam would ever be verbose...now we can't find the off button. His doctor yesterday at his 3 yr check up said "he's quite chatty, huh?!". I had to smile when I answered, "yep".

Miss Britt said...

I almost left my son at a furniture store once for this very reason.

Avitable said...

At least I know I'll never accidentally leave Britt anywhere.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

That has always been a fear of mine. "Luckily" mine fight like cats in a sack right now when they are in the back seat. That or hysterical giggling.

And LOL at Avitable.

Anonymous said...

You're not alone. My mom left one of my twin brothers in the house in his car seat by the garage door, while driving off down the road with the other one. I think she realized before she got to the top of the street!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Other Heather - I know. In the span of 15 minutes, he'll be lamenting the loss of a girlfriend. I know.

Bucky - Dude. Should I send you earplugs, too?

Employee No. 3699 - Ty removed Miss-Miss's headrest, so I can see him now.

Metal Mom - Oh, it just breaks my heart to listen to those stories.

MommyCosm - I know. He's just plotting and working on his language skills.

Britt - OK. I don't feel so bad.

Avitable - HA!

NATUI - "Fight like cats in a sack." That? Was a kick-ass visual!

Mentally Rehearsed - Whoops!