12 December 2011

Christmas Ornaments, Part 1

In order to make it through the holidays without expending too much brain energy coming up with original blog posts, I thought it might be a good idea to document some of the cooler ornaments on our Christmas tree before the dog eats them all.

Our Christmas tree is like a book and the ornaments tell a story. They describe the funkiness of the 1970s with trippy little felt elves, my fetish with everything Opus, and the presence of our children with cute school-made ornaments they'll be embarrassed over in years to come. I don't have what I call a "Macy's Tree." My tree would never make it into an issue of Architectural Digest but it makes our family smile. One of my favorite things to do is to sit in my living room, (lights out, Christmas lights on) and look at all of the ornaments, remembering how I happened upon each and every one.

This ornament is one of my favorites:

My brother and his wife were stationed in Germany for three years and Vonda would always hit up the local Christkindlmarkt for gifts. Their last year in Germany, Vonda sent me my Jack-o-lantern scarecrow Christmas ornament. I have to admit that I'm a lover of all things Halloween. It's my favorite holiday and when I saw this ornament, I squeee'd because now, I can have a little bit of Halloween mixed in with my Christmas every year.

I'll be bringing more CMG ornaments in the days to come. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Dave2 said...

Sweet! This makes me want to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas for the hundredth time!

Michael from dadcation.com said...

Is that an Avitable penis hanging from it? Otherwise, cool ornament!

Jordan Ghastly said...

Excellent ornament, H-Bomb!

hello haha narf said...

i feel the same way about my christmas tree and ornaments. love that you also know perfection is in the eyes of the beholder.
looking forward to seeing more of your tree!

sybil law said...

Our tree is full of homemade and sentimental ornaments, too. I will never have a tree that's just for show, to coordinate with my house, or whatever. Boring!
Looking forward to more pictures!
Also, what Muskrat said, because... well... that's what I was wondering...

Matt said...

Interesting, very interesting to say the least. We would hang the tree at BYOSwingSet.