09 December 2007

Face to Face with Fab - Swoon!

We closed out our Florida vacation yesterday with a meet-and-greet lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Fab. Ah, what a fun lunch it was! First, we were late. An hour late. Yes, I called Fab to let him know of our extreme lateness (breakfast with cousins and catching up after five long months). Bad vacationing geeks! Bad!

So, we get to the restaurant, exchange hugs (Ty-man didn't hug, just shook hands), and show Fab his brand-new Mickey Mouse ears. We finally got to meet the wonderful, the amazing, the very sweet Mrs. Fab (Woman! You are not boring!) and sat down for our lunch. I managed to steal Mrs. Fab's French onion soup and slurped down half of it before realizing it was hers and not mine. Bad Heather! Bad! Luckily, the waiter brought hers out posthaste and we were all happily slurping. Adam, Fab only had four Diet Cokes, so your record is safe!

Fab decided he's in love with Ty-man because of their mutual love of and need for mayo on their fries (Freaks!). We talked about kids, why you shouldn't shove their hands in your mouth (Plague! Crud! Sickness! Disease! Have we learned our lesson, Fab?), and found out that I have a purple sculpey penis bracelet on the way (can't wait!). We had such a great time and I found myself trying to come up with reasons for monthly Gainesville, FL trips (We need to go back to see the historical Civil War battlefield and WWII aircraft exhibit! Yeah! I need to co-host a blog talk radio show with Fab in person! Yeah!)

As we left, we posed for the above picture. Fab gamely wore his mouse ears (I just couldn't resist) and gave me a giant-lift-me-off-the-ground-bear-hug and I knew right then, I have a new, great friend. Thanks for lunch, Fab, and get yourself north ASAFP! Mrs. Fab, you're a wonderful lady in every sense of the word. Thanks for the soup!

This reminds me that next Sunday, December 16th, I'll be co-hosting Fab's Blog Talk Radio show at 7 PM. Listen to it live, join in with the other listeners in the chat room, or call in at 7:30. If you can't make it, you can listen to an archived copy. We'll be having a great time and talking about... whatever!

Oh, and? To read Fab's version of yesterday's events, click here.


Anonymous said...

Ah, luckeeeeeeeee! As jealous as I am I am quite happy for you. Yer a sweetheart yourself.

The polls are up, darlin'. Time to vote at TGQDC!

The Ferryman said...

Stay out of Gainesville.

Just kidding. You guys rock. We should meet for lunch every week!

Anonymous said...

That's quite the vaca you guys are having! I'm jealous...mine will still involve kids and diapers. Definitely not meeting cool people and co-hosting a radio talk show.
Enjoy :)

Avitable said...

I'm sorry that the last part of your trip was all downhill after meeting me and Britt.

Unknown said...

Have I mentioned lately that I'm SOOOO jealous of this vacation! I'm also jealous of Mr. & Mrs. Fab and Adam and Britt, too!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a blast! Oh, and since I lived in Gainesville for many years while killing brain cells, I mean, attending college, I think accompanying me on a trip to check out my old stomping grounds is the perfect excuse for a visit.